When you train at altitude your body faces the lowest oxygen pressure, and after a period there is an adaptation increasing  resistance to fatigue, whose results are visible when you descend to low levels. This phenomenon is the basis of hypoxic training.

But when descending altitude, over time, your body adapts to the new situation and the advantage acquired in altitude is gradually annulled.

The intermittent hypoxia, on which the device and the O2 Plus training system are based, allows the effects of altitude to be made permanent, by making it easier for you to train at altitude even at sea level.

Plus O2 generates a differential pressure that emulates the molecular behaviour of the air in altitude, modelled to different altitudes for training, from 500 to 3000 meters, added to the altitude you are training normally.
By training in each session in an alternative way with and without the PlusO2 mask, a more effective adaptation to the altitude is achieved and its effects can be enjoyed at low levels, without the loss of the effects produced.

Following the system, you will get an increasing of your body resistance, your hematocrit will be higher and your heart rate lower. So, your resistance to fatigue is increased. You will be ready for new challenges.