First. Working in hypoxia (either at a certain height, or artificially produced) requires a prior adaptation of the individual so that it can be performed in an optimal way. So, you may start using PlusO2 in the lower levels of altitude and day by day, following the training patterns, going gradually to higher levels.
Second. This adaptation must be done in a progressive and personalised way, because not everyone responds equally to the same stress (in this case hypoxia), since not all people have the same genetic patrimony.
Third. The adaptations produced in the organism of the exposed person will be more or less definitive depending on the persistence of the stimulus and if these adaptations are used to produce further improvements.
Quarter. Work in hypoxia, when properly tolerated, produces adaptations in the human organism superimposable to those obtained with extensive aerobic work, thus having similar effects both on the health of the individual and their athletic preparation.